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The 2019 Whistler X Triathlon is taking place at and around Lost Lake featuring some of the most scenic trails in the area.

As an early season race, weather conditions may be variable. Plan to race in any type of weather, in temperatures ranging from 8C to 25C and rain to sun!

THE swim

The swim will take place in Lost Lake; at this time we expect the water to be chilly, regardless of the weather on the day, and wetsuits will be mandatory. The Sport distance will be a single 750m loop and the Championship distance will a 1500m swim, consisting of two loops of the Sport course, with a beach exit after the first loop.


The swim will be broken into 2 major waves, separated by 5 minutes. Wave 1 will be Championship distance swimmers (individual and relay) and Wave 2 will be Sport distance. We do not anticipate a crowded swim. The start area beach is large and the swim course will provide lots of room for racers to spread out. Swimmers will less experience or anxiety may self-seed to the rear of each wave. (Click map to download a bigger map)


THE bike

** Click HERE for a high res updated bike map**

The bike course will be within the Lost Lake biking/hiking trails and will range from gravel road, to double track greens to more technical blue trails. There are no black trails on the bike Course. Trail ratings in Whistler may differ from your local riding area. The course does include rooty and rocky sections, and technical uphills and downhills. Some trails are ridden in opposite direction to traditional flow, and the course includes a challenging hike a bike section. Athletes are strongly encouraged to preride the course. Sport Category will complete a single 12km loop of the Bike Course while Championship Category will complete 2 loops totaling 24km. (Click the map to download a PDF of the course. Bike Course subject to change, for the most up-to-date information, follow their Facebook page.)


Lost Lake Beach —> right onto Lost Lake Loop —> hard left onto Upper Panorama Connector —> left onto Tin Pants —> right onto Peaches n’ Regalla —> left onto White Gold Traverse —> left onto Centennial —> right onto Ms Pinky —> left onto Centennial/Lower Panorama —> left onto Gee I Like Your Pants —> Son of Mr Green Jeans —> Jellyroll Gumdrop —> right onto Old Mill Road —> Hydro Hill —> Old Mill Road —> right Lower Panorama Connector —> left onto Pinnochio’s Furniture (and up the hike a bike line on right) —> right onto Tin Pants —> right onto Torture Never Stops —> Disco Boy —> Dina Moe Hum —> left onto Gypsy Drum —> left onto Centennial —> right onto Tin Pants —> right onto Fountain of Love —> right onto Tin Pants —> (Championship racers carry through Tin Pants to Lap 2 and repeats course) Sport racers turn left onto Upper Panorama —> turn Right  onto Lost Lake Loop —> Finish. Championship racers at the end of the second time through Fountain of Love —> right onto Tin Pants —> left
 onto Upper Panorama —>  turn right onto Lost Lake Loop —> Finish!


THE run

The run course will be within the Lost Lake biking/hiking trails and will range from gravel road, to double track green to more technical blue trails. There are no black trails on the run course. The Sport Category will complete a single 5km loop with a turnaround at an aid station while Championship category will carry on running the Sea to Sky Trail with majestic views of Green Lake and surrounding mountains returning on Green Lake Loop and back into the Lost Lake trail network to the finish. Click the images to view courses in detail on TrailForks. (Run Course subject to change.) 




championship DISTANCE



schedule of events

Start, transition and finish will be in the same area at the main beach area of Lost Lake. Body marking and timing chip pickup will be at Lost Lake on race day morning.  Please see the Event Schedule page for more detailed information.


Plan your stay

The race will take place in beautiful Whistler, B.C.; just an hour and a half north of Vancouver. Need a roof over your hear while you visit? Our friends at have you covered. Just click the button below and find accommodation to suit your needs and budget.